pba S.p.A
pba S.p.A

pba S.p.A

Manufacturers from via Enrico Fermi, 1 , Tezze sul Brenta, Italy
pba is the premier brand of AISI 316L stainless steel, the hardest, most resistant and elastic of steels and of polyamide 6, the most noble of thermoplastic resins. We develop our main themes: door and window handles, pull handles and locking pull handles, balustrades, modular ischiatic seats and all the accessories for a “life without barriers”, with the firm belief that objects reflect a space, embody its attitude, illusions and possibilities. We know that bringing a new form into the world can affect the life of everyone.
To complete it at best, pba has opened to international collaborations with designers such as: Jérôme Brunet, Brad Ascalon and the architects Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec of studio ecdm.
Pba has been nominated with the Red Dot Award in 2010 for the handle IT.150 and in 2013 has been awarded for the handle Elica. It has also received a nomination for the Compasso D’Oro Award in 2013 for Elica and in 2010 for K-Lock.
Our entire production cycle is concentrated in the 12.500 square meter company facility, in the key production area of the northeast of Italy, renowned worldwide for its manufacturing excellence. This type of structure allows complete control of raw materials, production technology and specialized, skilled labor.
Expanding into different markets, pba is aware that each geographic area has different needs, with specific and unique demands. To maximize responses to these needs, pba has created an international network over the years. Our products are available in more than 50 countries and besides pba S.p.A. in Italy we are close to our main markets with pba Deutschland GmbH, in Dusserldorf and pba USA, Inc. in New York.

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