Peripheriques Marin+Trottin Architectes

Peripheriques Marin+Trottin Architectes

« Périphériques » = to be around architecture in order to reach the heart of it, as well as walk along its borders.


For more than 25 years, PÉRIPHÉRIQUES MARIN+TROTTIN Architectes have been inscribing the practice of their profession in a collective register and a willingness to invite and share with other architects for specific collaborations or more durable ones on common projects. A trademark / an attitude: the "anti-ego". Always with the same requirement of sharing, PÉRIPHÉRIQUES MARIN+TROTTIN Architectes are also publishers (IN-EX projects, USAGES Reviews), and organize exhibitions or events with the French Touch association.


Playing with established rules and diverting evidence, with radical positions, backed by a strong experiment on the individual or collective housing, as well as on cultural, educational, tertiary buildings, or on transport infrastructure such as metro stations, PÉRIPHÉRIQUES MARIN+TROTTIN Architectes wish to bring an extra dimension to simple use, with a multidisciplinary expertise. Experts in building teams and projects from their premises to delivery, seasoned with rich programmatic complexities proposals, PÉRIPHÉRIQUES MARIN+TROTTIN Architectes know how to federate, aggregate and transcend all the talents necessary for the completion and realization of a project.


« For each project, our attitude is to overview and synthesize precisely the request, from context to use, in order to control the operation perfectly. Our aim is to deconstruct the obvious answer, then to offer an unexpected and relevant solution ».

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