Manufacturers from Milbingerstr. 14, Brannenburg, Germany
We produce exclusively decorative glass tiles with pearl structures in three-dimensional visual appearance. These are unique and have in its present appearance never been presented to the world market.

Tradition meets high-tech! The designs were combined with the latest glass composite technology in quality "Made in Germany" and thus made marketable.

The decoration structures are completely handmade and based on an over hundred years old tradition in manufacturing. Each panel is one-off and therefore unique since it is cut out of a final solid block so as veneer sheets. Thereby they obtain their individual exclusivity – hence any kind of industrial mass manufacturing is impossible.

The variability of possible structures is unlimited since we can access on a pool of more than 50.000 designs and colors.
Among those, decors can be found which were developed in cooperation with designers like e.g. Karl Lagerfeld, Jil Sander, Wolfgang Joop, Armani, Gucci and companies like Porsche.

Almost no limits are set in regard to the creativity of the designers and project participants.

Our strengths:
Custom-made production / maximum 1200 mm x 60 mm
Each coloring is possible considering the respective of the minimum quantity
Graphics, logos, coat of arms, Golddekors etc. may be placed behind the glass
Front glass may be artistically treated as e.g. motives in sandblast technique
Any structure or color of glass can be used as front glass
Our Offices
PERLTEC Brannenburg
Milbingerstr. 14, Brannenburg, Germany