Architectural Screen Wall and Enclosures

  • Proprietary structural marine-anodized aluminum frame allows for a Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Marine anodized aluminum and stainless steel no paint or powder coating to fail
  • Unique extrusions accept slide-in easy panels of any material and thickness
  • Custom sizes with cost-effective modular frame with unlimited length or stand alone moveable moduals
  • Planter anchored screen walls and enclosures require no penetrations



Product Name
Architectural Screen Wall and Enclosures
Tom Boyce
United States

Product Type

Facade systems
Continuous facade systems
Outdoor Furniture
Garden partitions
Fences and perimeter enclosures
Elements for perimeter enclosures

Product Specs

Metal, Aluminium - Extruded and Anodized, Copper
Plastic, Recycled plastic
Synthetic, Resin - Cocoon resin, Glass-fibre
Composite, Acrylic, Corian®
Wood-Product, Laminate
Other, Recycled material
Stone, Natural stone - Marble, Quartz, Carrara marble and Slate
Green wall
LED integrated
With integrated light


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DeepStream’s prefabricated modular Architectural Screen Walls and Equipment Enclosures are built with our nine trademark marine-anodized proprietary aluminum extrusions that allow for slide-in panels of any material and thickness.

Screen Wall may be fixed on integrated stainless-steel mounting pads, free standing without requiring penetration, or even made mobile by anchoring them with DeepStream’s 3-component commercial planter system with its unique engineered structural aluminum frame.  

Architectural screen walls are specified for privacy screens, wind breaks, access control, dangerous equipment enclosures, sound walls around generators and air conditioners, and low-key security screen walls at courthouses and airports.  Underground parking levels, at grade, on balconies or roof decks, they create private spaces, act as parapet walls, enclose pools, or create protected seating areas for cafes, restaurants, and smoking areas.

Our proprietary frame system can hold any environment-appropriate material of any thickness. Popular choices are glass, planks of marine-anodized aluminum, tropical hardwood, or recycled plastic lumber with spacing between planks as desired, 3form Eco-resin, polycarbonate or Twin Wall panels, laser cut panels of many materials, even UV-proof Coolaroo knitted HDPE fabric

DeepStream designs every aspect of the integrated aluminum frame system including proprietary Hexpol gaskets for glass screen wall. Glass can be cost effectively sourced localy through your projects prefered local subcontractor. Using DeepStreams gaskets your installers simply slip the panels in effortsly.

Trademark marine-anodized extrusions allow for almost any rectilinear site footprint and easy access, even with 0 setbacks. Set-up of our prefab modular system is quick and easy with captured slide-in panels. With smaller slip-out panel sizes or groupings of slat wall planks, workers can have full access to the interior in seconds without tools, if desired.

Marine-anodized so there is no paint or powder coating to fail, the screens may be pressure cleaned for easy maintenance.  All parts are easily replaceable.

Custom sizes, not custom prices: these innovative labor-saving Privacy Screens and Enclosures are made by American craftsmen to meet your exact needs at factory-direct pricing. These sturdy structural aluminum frames are covered by our Lifetime Structural Warranty, and should they ever be damaged or need to be reconfigured or repurposed in the future, all parts are replaceable under DeepStream's unique Core Replacement Program at direct factory cost.

Architects, Landscape Architects, Designers, General Contractors, and Facility Operations and Management teams rely on DeepStream as an extension of their company to create practical solutions that integrate design and operational details.  Buy factory-direct with no distributor markup or confusion.

We value individual service whether it’s one solution or 100, there is never a design fee or custom charge.  To discuss your ideas, challenges, cost-effective solutions, and receive a quick quote, drawings, and renderings call Sheila at (305) 857-0466 from 8 AM-8 PM, Miami time, 7 days a week.


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