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Philippe Meyer Architecte exists in Geneva since 2003. Previously, after two professional experiences, in Lyon first of all, at Jourda-Perraudin Architects, then in Bern, as collaborator at the Reinhard und Partner office, the agency Meyer & Bouvier Architectes was opened in Bern in 1992, then moved to Geneva in 1995. APPROACH “To build is to collaborate with earth, to put a human mark upon a landscape, modifying it forever thereby; the process contributes to that slow change which makes up the history of cities. To reconstruct is to collaborate with time gone by, penetrating or modifying its spirit , and carrying it toward a longer future. Thus beneath the stones we find the secret of the springs." Marguerite Yourcenar, Memoirs of Hadrian Architecture is not a matter of style. A reflection of its time, it can only be contemporary. The main remaining question is breaking down the dichotomy between architecture and urbanism. To retrieve the inseparable link between territory and context, without opposing rupture and continuity. Escaping a current born from the culture of image, which progressively prioritizes design over architecture. It is very difficult to define any or one’s own architecture. A method, an approach can be told. The site and the them are the essential combination. The relationship of this combination inevitably finds its meaning through the materials and their manipulations, through the details and their executions. Built over time, culture, curiosity, study, paradoxically evolve more on a notion of speed than of duration. Impatience grows with knowledge.
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Rue de Veyrier 19, Carouge, Genève, Switzerland