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VNR_192 Sellières

VNR_192 Sellières

Vernier, Geneva, Switzerland | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Joël Tettamanti
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
ManufacturersBauwerk Parquet
Facades with partial ceramic cladingCeramica Cumella
KitchenForster Profilsysteme AG
Resina floor/ FloorsKeraKoll Design House

Product Spec Sheet
by Laufen
by Kartell
Facades with partial ceramic clading
Resina floor/ Floors

VNR_192 Sellières


A house.

Nestling on a steep hillside sloping down to the Rhône.


An Apartment House that does not replace the domestic and individual scale of the built fabric by the reproduction of a rental archetype – with its entrance hall, letterboxes and interphone.


Here, these functions are distributed: the hall is the exterior space between each wing, serving as a central patio, providing air and light. The shared garage forms the forecourt lined with ceramic pots filled with plants.


The 7 apartments occupying the building are divided into three distinct and assembled units.


The central walkway is lined on either side by two units consisting of two single-storey apartments demarcating the entrance courtyard. These twin apartments form a dual relationship with the surrounding space, the first stretching vertically with a roof terrace and the second horizontally with an outdoor extension. This extension enables a rooftop access to the third volume, standing at the edge of the slope and housing three duplex apartments.


With a view to ensuring compactness and protection, the villa is only broadly open towards the landscape. The smaller openings on the side and rear façades have wooden frames while the structures housing the large bay windows overlooking the countryside are made of aluminium with sliding elements and loggias.


Exterior insulation is not used. From a concrete structural core, the external walls are made of monolithic pumice bricks insulated with rock wool and coated with a skin of scraped mineral plaster, its greenish tint completing the site’s variety of colours.


Material Used :
1. Structure/ Concrete
2. KLB Walls Germany/ Bricks
3. Otiima Windows Porto/ Aluminium minimal profiles
4. Cumella Barcelona Facades with partial ceramic clading
5. Bauwerk Formpark wood and Kerakoll resina floor/ Floors
6. Forster Switzerland/ Kitchen
7. Kartell Laufen Switzerland/ Sanitary

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