Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, architects & engineers
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Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, architects & engineers

Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, architects & engineers

Architects from -1537, Chaussée de Waterloo, Brussels, Belgium
Samyn and Partners, founded in 1980, is a private company owned by its partners and staff. It is active with its affiliated companies FTI Ingenieurs bureau Jan Meyer (structures), founded in 1976; (services), founded in 1985; DAE (technical interiors), founded in 1994; Air S.R. (fluid mechanic), founded in 2003), in all fields of architecture and building engineering. Its architectural and engineering design approach is based on questioning which can be summarised as a "why" methodology. The firm approaches projects openly to all sorts of possibilities whilst listening, closely to its clients demands. Its projects are often published in the international specialised press.

The firm's client services include Planning and Programming; Urban Planning, Landscaping and Architectural Design; Building Physics, MEP and Structural Engineering; Interior Design, Project and Construction Management, Cost and Planning Control, Quantity Surveying, Safety and Health Coordinator.

Staff members are involved in architectural and professional organisations, as well as academic and R&D activities including teaching, research and development.

The firm with its affiliated companies currently employ 85 architects and engineers.

The firm's office space occupies 2.500 sqm with 63 workstations, conference rooms, libraries, a printing center and a class room. All projects are computer designed and managed on 52 CAD workstations and 11 administrative workstations.

The firm operates with its own Quality System, complying with ISO 9001:2000; ISO 14001:2004; and VALIDEO