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In summary, PHOOEY Architects is a family design studio specialising in sustainable architecture, heritage, upcycling, adaptation & reuse. Based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently servicing projects also in Sydney & Brisbane. In more detail, PHOOEY Architects is an enthusiastic and progressive design practice specialising in sustainable architecture & interior design. Many PHOOEY projects have received prestigious awards and world-wide publication. We place great emphasis on listening to and working closely with our clients to achieve their project aims. PHOOEY projects typically aim to: - Provide a resilience which enables them to comfortably adapt to social, technological, climatic & other changes over time; - Elegantly capture their client briefs; - Be finely detailed; - Be functional & energy efficient; & - Minimise waste. PHOOEY is internationally recognised for their employment of innovative re-use & adaptation strategies that enable new life to be breathed into old things. This includes: - Re-using salvaged materials & building elements; - Re-purposing materials & building elements; - Re-inventing redundant buildings & places; & - Complementing & conserving heritage buildings & heritage places. Our range of delivered projects includes a diversity of residential, commercial, institutional buildings and environs, extending in complexity/ detail from urban design into one-off bathroom and furniture design. Our suite of services includes master-planning, scoping/ feasibility studies, design guidelines & design assessment panel services. We are experienced providers of full project services comprising design, documentation and construction contract superintendence. We are also able to contribute partial design and project management services tailored to suit each client and project’s unique preference. We also do a bit of building on the side & enjoy delivering small Design & Construct projects now & then.
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