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Porte Italia Interiors’ creations are modern presentations of that timeless golden age of painted furniture centered in the 18th C. Each piece is hand-painted and decorated, using original techniques and materials, by lacquerers and decorators graduated at Accademia delle Belle Arti in Venice and passionate about their work. The goal is to create furnishings artistically aged to blend with traditional antiques seamlessly. Or not. Should the client wish it, an entire room of Porte Italia Interior furnishings can be designed to accommodate colors and decorations desired. Porte Italia Interiors is inspired by centuries-old style, not bound by it. Porte Italia Interiors, based north of Venice in Ronchi dei Legionari near Trieste, has roots reaching back 30 years, thanks to the entrepreneurial mind of Enrico Lenarduzzi, assisted by his family and then by his son Emilio Lenarduzzi. In the beginning, Ann Graham, an American artist, conceived the idea that it could be possible to re-create furniture that in the past had enlivened Venetian interiors and would be appealing to discriminating clients worldwide. Since then the horizons have expanded to include painted doors, panels, mirrors, sofas, chandeliers and even frescos. The process is an on-going team effort that involves talented frame-makers, carvers, metal makers, mirror experts, and artists under the guidance of Ann and direction of the Lenarduzzi Family. Almost any piece of furniture that might be desired is either in the Porte Italia Interiors Catalog or subject to a client's specification, including beds, chairs, armoires, tables, chaises, chests, secretaries, cupboards, wall units, light fixtures, desks, vanities, as well as bed linens and hangings. These exclusively Made in Italy products are appreciated by reputed clients and designers around the world. They love the color and elegance afforded their villas, grand homes, exclusive hotels, and resorts from Usa to London, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, India, Iran and back to Switzerland, Austria and France.
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