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Prarthit Shah Architects is an architecture and interior design firm based in Rajkot and working on projects all around Gujarat. The firm is headed by architect Prarthit Shah who firmly believes that in every building use of spaces, design, material and budget should be in harmony. No two persons are same and no two buildings should be. Every building should be unique for its context.For this firm architecture is not only about making good looking buildings, but to design according to users’ need with the goal of improving the quality of life through spaces.

Prarthit Shah, is a practicing architect, author and speaker specialized in dental clinic design. He has experience of 15 dental clinic design projects pan India. He is contributing author in FAMDENT magazine and IDA Times, monthly of Indian Dental Association.
Prarthit has learned about services, equipments and working of dentistry while interacting with dentists and designing several clinics in last few years. His constant endeavour is to upgrade knowledge base regarding dental clinic design and share it with dental fraternity.
Prarthit also speaks at dental conferences about – how to design a dental clinic. Roots Clinic designed by him for Dr. Pooja and Dr. Ankit Sirodaria was chosen as the winner of best dental clinic interior in India (Non-Metro) in FAMDENT-2017 awards.

It’s easy and quick to ripen mangoes with carbide but we think they don’t taste so real. Instead we prefer to give a little care and time to let mangoes ripen naturally.
Similarly, while making a house there are various readymade things available like plastic chairs, corian table tops, storage cupboards and beds made from various kinds of laminates, shera sheets and ACP sheets to clad exterior walls, vitrified tiles mimicking the natural pattern of marble and much more. But we prefer to avoid such artificial things. Instead we prefer to go to the lati, find a suitable wood, get the furniture made by explaining each and everything to the misty and polish them after getting them oil dipped. Same way we use natural stones, marble, granite and slates, steel and brass, glass and wide range of other natural and pure materials. The process of finding materials, working with craftsmen and applying right techniques - takes time and care. But the result of this prolong process is a house which feels real and where one likes to live forever.
The practice aims at making a building or a space that is not only beautiful today but forever and also to give a better living and a working environment.