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Puik makes design personal. We are driven to provide you with the best, by the best – and are determined to continue doing so.

puik tells
how it all started

The founders of puik, Freek Claessen and Daan Gescher, always have had a passion for art and design. In 2012, they found themselves inspired by the quality and the enthusiasm of Dutch designers. This fueled the spark, that made them decide to chase their dreams and start puik.

Freek and Daan, who have a professional background in production and sales, realized that even though Dutch designers create beautiful products, they often do not reach the audience they deserve. By taking this as a base and by utilizing each other’s unique expertise, it became clear that you could only stand stronger by working together. This resulted in a diverse portfolio of design icons, which quickly found their way to countless stores.

Design as a branch is constantly evolving, so for the founders it only comes naturally to evolve with it. Over the last few years, puik has been able to grow exponentially. Under the guidance of art director Tineke Beunders (Ontwerpduo), the entire collection was revised and puik embraced a renewed style. Our unique design items come into their own, by using natural light and reflection, soft colour tones and transparent materials.

Puik has the ambition to keep doing bigger and better things in the future. Our goal is to introduce the world to Dutch contemporary Design.
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