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Randall Kipp Architecture

Randall Kipp Architecture is a full service Architectural Studio specializing in Residential and light Commercial designs. The design style is modern. The focus is on providing architecture that celebrates an open plan created with the use of simple materials. The work intentionally provides a transparency to the world around it. Often the buildings are situated on or near a body of water. The architecture strives to balance the organic world of water, sky, sand and trees with the build world of simple shapes and open volumes.

The Studio’s design philosophy includes a necessary passive approach to energy consumption with a thoughtful and imaginative consideration of technology and building materials that supports lower energy use. Building orientation, window placement, and artistic arrangement of roof structures and their overhangs can greatly impact a building's response to energy issues.

Sustainable building materials and equipment selection - either by the energy they consume in their manufacturing process, their reduced maintenance needs, or their transportation to the job site - all impact their possible selection as building materials. 

Technology that reduces or eliminates a building's energy needs are always considered. Insulation type and location, LED lighting, geothermal HVAC, SIPS, PV Cells, and water reclamation systems by their necessity are part and parcel of our design approach.

Our mandate as designers is to provide the best architectural solution that satisfies the programmatic issues of space and context; wrapped around and infused with a spirit of art as a form giver. Art, as it relates to a building’s form, can take on many shapes. Art can be the play of light as it filters into a building. It can be the juxtaposition of materials chosen. Art can be the relationship of spaces and the volumes they create. Art can be the buildings physical structure of wood, steel, or concrete. It can be the inclusion of technology that defines the building.

For Architecture to be successful, the client’s needs must be met. The notion of building for building's sake will never provide satisfactory results. It is our belief that the best and only viable solution for successful architecture is to include the client as part of the design team; inviting them into the design dialogue as partners and providing them with an education about thoughtful and successful design.

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