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RESINFLEX has been a key player on the Italian and international market since 1947, and has a track record characterised by a long series of innovations and successes.

The main reason for our pride is our ability to be consistently proactive, thanks to our continuous commitment to research and quality. Such commitment has allowed us to contribute significantly to the technological and applicational development of an important branch of plastics, whose diffusion represents one of the great revolutions of the last century.

That same commitment sees RESINFLEX, now more than ever, engaged in a great challenge while fully upholding the traditions of professionalism, efficiency and rigorous controls, maintaining a spirit of collaboration in all commercial and productive sectors and constantly updating its production systems.

Today, RESINFLEX can count on an extensive portfolio of patented technologies and a vast range of products, including such well-known names as MURALFLEX, PARETEX, APHONFLEX, SETTECENTO, RESIMUR, DECORFLEX, AQUARELLE and SKINFLEX. All this has enabled the company to become the world market leader, thanks also to the confidence, faith and satisfaction displayed by our international clientele.

The widespread diffusion of our products, from large public construction works and interior decoration to the automotive and nautical industries, is the best testimony that our products provide the best and most effective solutions for all manner of requirements. Indeed, our products combine resistance, longevity, safety and hygiene with comfort, warmth, creativity and functionality, whilst fully respecting the environment.
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