Resopal GmbH
Resopal GmbH

Resopal GmbH

Manufacturers from 64823, Gross-Umstadt, Germany
Resopal – Pioneer of the surface

The acronym RESOPAL composed of the Latin word for resin, resina, and opal, to describe the originally just shiny surface, was registered as a trademark over 80 years ago. The RESOPAL® patent was registered on 19th December 1930 and granted retroactively on 6th June 1935.

RESOPAL® is cult, the brand, the genuine article!

The name is associated with coffee tables, plant stands and kitchens. Usually in pastel candy colours or small patterns, modern in terms of the 1950s, when Germany experienced its economic miracle.
However, RESOPAL® is now not just a surface material, but rather the material for designing the feel-good rooms of the future!

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