RhineScheme GmbH
RhineScheme GmbH

RhineScheme GmbH

Architects from Beijing, China
RhineScheme is a worldwide acting architecture and urban planning practice that can fall back on more than 30 years of professional experience in planning and construction management.
About 80 designers are working in branch offices in Germany (Cologne, Frankfurt, Leipzig), China (Beijing, Shanghai) and in the U.S.A. (Philadelphia).

RhineScheme feels obliged to a holistic design approach from the very beginning of each project.
We work in integrated planning teams made up of architects, urban and landscape planners, interior designers as well as members from a wide network of associated experts, engineers and consultants.

We are aiming at sustainable solutions, easily adaptable to changing parameters.
Our goal are intelligent low-tech concepts that derive from the local; we are striving for economically feasible innovation and creativity.
Tangible practical experience is completed by international teaching and research activities.

Since 2004, a main focus of our planning efforts is in China, where a local international team together with experts from abroad has created a project portfolio that is quite unique among German design companies.
Equipped with an equal German-Chinese management, RhineScheme’s Chinese branch is concentrating on big-scale urban planning and architecture projects as well as ecological construction technologies.
With about 20 half local, half foreign architects and urban planners, RhineScheme has an experienced working team familiar with both Chinese and Western planning conditions and culture, able to combine international experiences with local know-how.