HALF A CENTURY OF HISTORY Founded in 1964 and named after its founder, ISolanti COperture Menegoli (Menegoli Insulation and Roofing) was amongst Italy’s pioneers in the 1970s in the use of aluminum alloys for roofing and cladding. The quest for a roofing system that would solve the problems inherent to traditional metal roofing led in 1987 to the creation of the Riverclack® system, a revolution in roofing technology. Thanks to its unique features, Riverclack® quickly established itself on the market as “the flat metal roofing system”. Today, ISCOM and Riverclack® are in rapid international expansion and countless buildings across the world enjoy the protection and beauty of Riverclack® systems. ROOFING BUILT ON STRONG FOUNDATIONS ENTHUSIASM For roofing, for our work. We can’t help ourselves: pass a building with a Riverclack® roof and we simply have to stop and say, with more than a little pride, "we made that." CRAFTSMANSHIP AND EXPERIENCE Technology plays a vital role in our business, but we see craftsmanship and experience as equally important qualities that you’ll find throughout our highly motivated workforce. CREATIVE INNOVATION Innovation and creativity produced Riverclack® in the first place and continue to drive our ambition to meet evolving market demands with new materials, new solutions and new accessories. QUALITY AND RELIABILITY Quality is a way of life for us. It means doing it right every time, which means the highest quality standards to deliver the highest quality results, but it also means reliability: quality work retains its quality over time. CUSTOMER-FOCUSED FLEXIBILITY Just as every roof is unique in its geometry, lines and details, so every customer is unique. Our entire production process, from design to after-sales, is flexible and responsive enough to meet the changing technical and architectural needs of our customers during projects. SUSTAINABILITY "We haven’t inherited the Earth from our ancestors, but borrowed it from our children." Attributed to American Indians, this sentence perfectly captures ISCOM’s philosophy as a socially-committed family business. From the raw materials we use, to our recycling practices, to the clean energy our products help generate: real commitment to a sustainable future requires not words, but actions.
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