Robert Harvey Oshatz

Robert Harvey Oshatz

Architects from Portland, United States
In 1971, Robert Oshatz established the firm of Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect. Over the years the firm has provided a wide variety of organic architecture, planning, interior design and construction management services for developers and individual clients. Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect has designed and built numerous commercial and residential projects over the past twenty plus years.

Robert Oshatz has also been active as a speaker at public lectures and architectural gatherings. He has spoken at Auburn University, San Francisco Institute of Architecture, Monterey Design Conference, Portland City Club, Oregon School of Design, Oregon State University, San Bernardino City College, Lawrence Technological University and in November of 2000 held the Bruce Goff Chair of Creative Architecture at The University of Oklahoma, where he spent a week lecturing and being a guest professor. He is also a guest lecturer at the Smithsonian Institution's Continuous Architecture series.

While most architects today are specialists who associate with other specialists, Robert Oshatz is a generalist who associates with specialists. He has experience wearing the hat of a client, architect, and contractor. Acting as a client, he understands the delicate balance of the client's money and resources. He has acted as a construction manager and builder on a number of projects and understands the discipline of scheduling subcontractors while building a structure from the construction perspective.


Prior to establishing the firm, Mr. Oshatz had a long history of architectural involvement. From 1960 to 1963, while attending high school, he worked 30 hours per week for a Los Angeles architectural firm. During that time he developed construction drawings on multi-story apartments, commercial/retail buildings, and religious structures. From 1963 to 1968 he studied and received a Bachelor of Architecture from Arizona State University. Mr. Oshatz worked and studied under Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. during summers and after completing his degree. Prior to opening his own firm Mr. Oshatz worked for Murray and McCormick, Civil Engineers and Planners. At this time he worked on both planning and architectural projects. Since establishing his own firm, Mr. Oshatz has designed and built numerous commercial and residential projects, including a large residence in Japan.


Throughout his career, Robert Oshatz has been published in numerous local, national, and international magazines. He has been featured a number of times in the Oregonian Northwest Magazine. Pacific Northwest Magazine featured his work in the article "The Art of the Architect," a discussion of his approach to designing with a client and his Northwest regional feeling. He has been in House Beautiful twice in regards to building with regional natural materials. He has written an essay in Architecture California on his design approach. Japan's A + U Magazine provided an overview of his work. He also has been featured in Thai Home and Garden, Architectural Design (England), and Salon Architecture (Russia). Other magazines have featured individual projects that he designed. His Miyasaka House appeared in the book, Structure as Design. Several of his works have been exhibited in galleries and museums, both regionally and nationally. Two of his home designs have also been featured on the Home and Garden cable network show "Extreme Homes."