Robert Majkut Design
Robert Majkut Design

Robert Majkut Design

Interior Architects from Koszykowa 10/5, Warsaw, Poland
Robert Majkut Design established in 1996 is a specialized design company offering professional solutions for business.

Our scope includes all aspects of building brand’s awareness through visual identification, industrial design, product design, up to complete interior design projects.

The interdisciplinary creative team of Robert Majkut Design is based on architects, designers and graphic artists under the artistic guidance of Robert Majkut, with the support of experts in project & design management.

Each of our creations forms an integrated message that helps realizing our customers’ market strategies. Robert Majkut Design supports both brands that are already operating in the market and those that are new, yet to debut. We carry out projects with different levels of complexity - from product concept through individual projects of interior design, up to the multi-threaded, integral projects of an area of several thousand square meters or chain implementations, based on corporate design book developed by our company.

Versatility and unique balance between pragmatism and creativity of our team was achieved thanks to developed methods of designing that allow to optimize the work over every creation, from the stage of concept until final implementation.

The list of clients includes the leaders of the entertainment industry, telecommunications industry, companies in financial services and banking as well as brands that offer luxury goods.

Robert Majkut Design projects were often described as a pioneering, groundbreaking and setting some new standards. One of the most recognizable is Multikino Złote Tarasy, considered one of the most spectacular cinema theaters in the world. One of our successes was also developing a strategy of corporate image for the first chain of financial advisors in Poland Expander and then Open Finance. We created the interior design for a debuting network on the Polish market of bank branches Noble Bank, in the private banking sector we also cooperated with Alior Bank and PKO Bank Polski. We have developed a complex project of luxury watches store network Time Trend and the elegant interiors of Moliera 2 boutique, a home for Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo and Louboutin brands. Our portfolio encompasses also cinema projects completed in China (Orange Cinema for Golden Harvest) and Russia (Kronverk Cinema). Unique product design realizations, signed by Robert Majkut, have also become recognizable, like home theater speakers for Proton (Tonsil) or custom made and designed furniture and lighting (Mrs. President desk and Hermama lamp).

Innovation, aesthetic boldness and the highest quality standards of our projects, proved by years of experience have made Robert Majkut Design one of the best companies of the creative industry in Poland, also gaining an increasing recognition in the world.