Rodney Lawrence Inc.

Rodney Lawrence Inc.

Architects from 139 Fulton Street, Suite 408, New York, NY, USA
Rodney Lawrence’s vision, which draws upon the history of art and design as well as a refined personal aesthetic, is to compose interiors that resonate with his clients and their needs. His approach is simple: “Everything has to have a purpose or reflect the personality or history of the client.”

After studying art history at Dartmouth, Rodney earned a master’s degree in the History of Decorative Arts and Design from Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. He worked with two of New York City’s top interior designers: Sisken Valls, where he started his career in interior design, and Thom Filicia, Inc., as a senior designer for seven years. Since founding Rodney Lawrence, Inc., in 2006, he has become known and respected for creating comfortable, modern interiors that complement his clients’ sensibilities.

With his work profiled in Domino, House & Garden, and Design Bureau, Rodney’s hands-on and direct approach allows him to consider every element of a space as part of an entire composition.

“My academic background allows me to focus on the historical context as well as the design,” says Rodney, “which I find deepens the relationships of elements within a space. I’m always seeking relationships—the right play between colors, textures, surfaces, and materials. Like a painting, a room has to have a kind of rhythm.”

Rodney seeks to create spaces that endure, that resist being dated by trends. He tailors each project to each client, relishing the moment when he has to shift out of his “comfort zone” to find the best solution that reflects both the client’s personal tastes and his own exacting aesthetic.

“To me, interior design is not decoration,” Rodney says. “It’s like building a collection for someone—creating something that has longevity and that is deeply personal.”
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