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Tribeca, Manhattan, NY, USA
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Private Houses
Marili Forastieri
Product Spec Sheet

Carpet, Tapete, PisoABC Carpet
Chaise, MesinhasAndrianna Shamaris Inc.
PufesAqua Creations

Product Spec Sheet
Carpet, Tapete, Piso
Chaise, Mesinhas
by Cassina
by Chandra


Rodney Lawrence Inc. as Architects

The design evolved around the client’s art collection but was kept simple, preserving the original loft feeling.


The starting point was defining one area in the space that had an exotic feel. We came up with the concept of an “opium den” which guided the color pallet and finish selections throughout the apartment. It was also the clients request to add definition to various areas in the space as the apartment was delivered as a “white box” by the developers.


The kitchen is integrated to the living room, creating one space taking advantage of the large windows on the street facing side of the apartment. Bedrooms and family spaces are separate from the living area, creating a more intimate and private space.


The shell of the space was kept with light finishes acting as a background for art. The furnishings counter balance this with richer color tones and the play of textures. All finishes, colors and fabrics were selected in order to create a warm ambience that at the same time would enhance the art collection 


The living room is relatively deep, with all the windows on only one side so we had to be very mindful when selecting the window treatments in order to maximize the amount of natural light without compromising the general ambience.


Material Used :

1. Chaise: Adraina Shamaris

2. Floor: Nogueira com acabamento Bona satin – Walnut with clear bona satin finish

3. Blinds: Custom NY drappery com tecido Pollack

4. Carpet e: ABC Carpet

5. Sofá: Custom design

6. Mesas de centro: Wendell Castle (loja Dennis Miller)

7. Luminária: Studio Drift

8. Rita Ackerman  - Chalkboard Painting XVIII 2014

9. William Kentridge – Summer Graffiti  2002

10. George Condo (mesma an sala de jantar) -  Large head Composition 2013

11. Escultura Pena - Carol Bove – Woman, 2010

12. Poltronas: Vintage Joaquim Terneiro

13. Banco: Prestige

14. Mesinhas: Andrianna Shamaris

15. Tapete:Studio Four

16. Sofá:Casina

17. Almofadas:Design Legacy

18. Estante: custom design – Jeremy Dunklebarger

19. Revestimento de parede: papel de parede Pollack

20. Iluminação: Design Haus Liberty

21. Tapete: ABC carpet

22. Cama: Acervo do cliente

23. Cabeceira (material); Jacaranda Brasileiro

24. Cabeceira: Robert Wilson Furniture Design

25. Estante: Pexiglass com backlit led

26. Cadeira: vintage

27. Luminária: Lindsey Adelman

28. Mesa: Jeremy Dunklebarger

29. Obra de arte: Escultura parede – vitra com borboletas de origami

30. Cama: Land of Nod

31. Roupa de cama: John Derian

32. Tapete: Chandra

33. Cadeira: Design within Reach

34. Banqueta: Acervo do Cliente

35. Luminaria mesa: La Volière, Mathieu Challières

36. Tela (direita): Gabriel Vormstein  - Untitled, 2008

37. Mesa: (material e fornecedor) Tampo: Suar Wood, Andrianna Shamaris/ Base:John Lyle

38. Cadeiras: Vintage, Dinamarca em Jacaranda Brasileiro

39. Piso: Nogeira com acabamento Bona satin

40. Tela: Papel de parede inspirado em vintage chinês, pintado a mao. DeGournay

41. Sofá: Custom

42. Piso: ABC Home

43. Pufes: Aqua creations

44. Almofadas: Design legacy

45. Luminária: Michael Anastasiades

46. Bancada: Fornecedor e materal: Ceasar Stone, entregue pela construtora

47. Banquetas:McGuire

48. Obra de arte:

49. Esquerda: Mathilde Grande, untitled

50. Direita: Gabriel Vormstein – Kilter, 2013

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