RRJ Arquitectos
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RRJ Arquitectos

RRJ Arquitectos

Architects from Rua Ricardo Espírito Santo - Nº11, Lisboa, Portugal
Founded in 1991, RRJ Architects develops both architectural and engineering projects having extended its activity into Spain in partnership with “atelier VVM” in Barcelona.

Throughout its existence, RRJ has elaborated projects in several areas including healthcare, public buildings, offices, sports facilities, commercial buildings, housing, refurbishment, and urbanism; Of all these a special mention should be given to: the Turcifal Monestry, Infarmed Headquarters, San Francisco Hospital extension, Cultural Centre in Torres Vedras, MediaCapital’s new headquarters, restoration and rehabilitation of the Patriarch Palace in Lisbon, the Commercial Gallery of Acqua-Roma, an urban block in Barcelona’s Waterfront district, a traffic Control Centre in Barcelona, the Headquarters of Lisbon City Foundation and the tourist resort Azemmour in Morocco.

The integrated execution of architectural projects in close liaison with the in house engineering expertise allows RRJ to exercise greater project control, eliminating risks of incompatibility amongst them and an effective coordination of building specialties; all of which naturally result in high quality levels for each project. RRJ Architects, also provides real estate consultancy services to all its clients, developing economic and technical viability studies; all of which support institutions to define adequate asset managing strategies.
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