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Architects from Poststrasse 20A, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Simplicity and perfection, discipline and creativity, economy and memorable images: for schneider+schumacher these are not contradictions, but components of good architecture in ist broadest sense. Of buildings people enjoy using and with which they can identify.
The legendary Info-Box in Berlin, erected shortly after German reunification on what was then largest building site in Europe, brought the practice worldwide recognition. Since then, over 100 buildings, urban planning projects and numerous industrial products have been realized.
Award-winning architectural projects include the Autobahn Church Siegerland, the spectacular yet sensitive extension to the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, and the sustainably refurbished Silvertower in Frankfurt, now occupied by Deutsche Bahn AG.
Current urban design and architectural projects meeting both high demands on sustainability and design quality are the Shenzhen Qianhai Justice Centre and the Cultural Centre Hangzhou.
schneider+schumacher consolidates its specialized yet close cooperating companies under the roof:

A Architecture
B Building and Project management
D Design & Computation
S Urban Design

schneider+schumacher is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, with branches in Vienna, Austria and Tianjin, China.