wulf architekten GmbH
Brigida González
wulf architekten GmbH

wulf architekten GmbH

Architects from Breitscheidstrasse 8, STUTTGART, Germany
Our work spectrum embraces a variety of sophisticated building assignments. Our architecture is characterized by clarity and comprehensiveness – we also search for simple solutions for complex assignments, ever aware of the finite nature of our resources.
Our commitment to quality is based on the continuity of our work throughout all project phases. Functionality and economy are the foundation for the development of high quality architecture – although this is never the sole objective.

Our designs are determined by the following precepts:
Concept – we work conceptually, not commercially
Context – we consider every building to be part of a context
Structure – the building structure follows a content-related logic
Form – the form is not the basis but rather the result of our search
Space – the sensual perception of space is a primary concern
Material – the correlation of material and construction effects the quality of architecture
Time – we look to the future while respecting the history of architecture