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Sergio Grazia
Seine Design

Seine Design

Architects from Port de la Rapée , Paris, France
The engineers, navigators, architects and modelers who make up SEINE DESIGN chose this Anglo-Saxon term to define their passion. Their 20-year international experience in naval conception and construction have set them free.

Today, this team, headed by Gerard Ronzatti, has the know-how for the most exacting projects : floating, nomadic, mimetic architectures, autonomous and moving objects, strandable, amphibian, deformable or portable constructions.

"The Cauldron", place of experimentation.

Our space. As is right and proper, our place of work is a place of experimentation first. To test the extreme, working under the sky in a steel box. The original shape of the 50 years old barge is fully preserved. Only a bolted skylight took the place of the corrugated iron hatchways. Through a respectful refurbishment, a play of contrasts : patinas against brand new objects in bright stainless steel. At the center, a module regroups water functions and subdivides the space.
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Port de la Rapée , Paris, France