Rosa Bonheur sur Seine

Rosa Bonheur sur Seine

Seine Design
Port des Invalides, 75007 Paris, France
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Bars and Cafés

Sergio Grazia

Rosa Bonheur sur Seine

Seine Design as Architects

Rosa Bonheur sur Seine’s location, is part of a large area, whose spatial opening gives access to a prestigious setting. By the Pont Alexandre III, the building has a dialogue with eminently historical places, representative of the Parisian identity: Eiffel Tower, Grand Palais and Place de la Concorde. The work of the facades is a tribute to the architecture of the nineteenth century, working steel and glass as a uniform ensemble generating a extremely transparent volume generous in light and views. We opted for a sleek plan, enlarging its volume and removing the two original rotundas. With a length of 40m and a width of 14m, the oval space is divided between a main level accessible by three bridges and an upper terrace. A geometry that is rigorous and in continuity with the volumes of the building. It is an architectural response to the very open site, which gives food for thought on the questions of affirmation and integration in the surrounding landscape.


This skeleton with multiple glass tiles induces a reflection on the dynamic transparency of the construction, since the light here has a fundamental dimension. In its design, the immersive experience is pushed to its climax. Like the original guinguette, moved to another site on the Seine, the new building has a single unitary space on which its organization depends. Everything was thought according to the scenic place, true focal. To this perspective is added beyond the bar an opening even more open on the surrounding space.


Under a large glass roof, the Rosa is a floating guinguette with a large dance area lined with bars. In the hold a lounge and offices surround the technical premises and kitchen in the center. In outdoor - two terraces, one in line with the access platform and a second on the roof with a panoramic view of the Seine and the Grand Palais.

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