Sergio Leoni
Sergio Leoni

Sergio Leoni

Manufacturers from Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 22, San Polo d'Enza , Italy
The Sergio Leoni wood-burning stoves are
characterised by the accumulation heating
system, just like the Central European ‘Stube’ and
‘Kachelofen’. However, differently from the Nordic
“cousins”, the Sergio Leoni stoves are not built in
the wall, but are freestanding objects that become
spectacular furnishing accessories, capable of
adapting both to contemporary environments and
dwellings with a more classical taste.
Wood-burning accumulation heating is a natural
and healthy system that does not move dust and
maintains the correct humidity in the air. Thanks
to a careful design of the firebox and the study
of the best possible combustion, Sergio Leoni
wood-burning stoves heat with great effectiveness,
providing the maximum quantity of heat with
the minimum possible wood consumption. The
performance, particularly high for the woodburning
sector, can be easily compared to the best
pellet-burning products on the market, both in
terms of heatable volume and of efficiency, which
exceeds 90% in many cases.
In 2014 has been introduced a line of woodburning
products with “additional accumulation”.
An additional refractory mass accumulates heat
generated by the wood and gradually releases it
into the room. These products therefore ensure up
to 12 hours of continuous heat, without the need to
frequently load wood.
Wood-burning stoves: Giglio, Liberty, Maria Luigia,
Castellana, Matilde di Canossa, Viennese, Marlene.
Wood-burning stoves with additional
accumulation: Viennese, Sissy, Marlene, Corsara.

The pellet collections by Sergio Leoni were born
as a response to the modern lifestyle and the
need for programmable heat, which also adapts
to the routine of those who are often away from
the house, and is both practical and simple to use.
These are all requirements that fit perfectly with the
advantages that pellets have to offer.
If the heart envelops the entire pellet technology,
the cladding retraces the exclusive original designs
by Sergio Leoni and offers the same precious
workmanship in crafted ceramics that is found
in the wood-burning models. Sergio Leoni pellet
stoves are therefore ideal products for those that
love the classic style, but do not want to give up
the convenience of modern living. Sergio Leoni
pellet stoves are available in natural convection and
hydro version.
Thanks to a structure designed for maximum
thermal exchange, natural convection pellet stoves,
distribute heat to the environment in a natural
way, without needing forced ventilation. They are
therefore particularly silent compared to normal
pellet stoves. In the brazier, which is ample and
extended, the pellets are distributed uniformly,
giving a very natural and pleasant flame.
Sergio Leoni’s stoves in the hydro pellet version
can heat the entire house and integrate with
radiators or underfloor heating. They guarantee a
high performance level in terms of heat exchange,
response time and operational autonomy. Using
an optional kit and in combination with a puffer
tank storage system, it is also possible to produce
domestic hot water.
Pellet stoves: Sissy, Marlene, Marlene Tonda, Maria