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Shiro Architects

Architects from Sydney NSW, Australia
We create high-functioning showcase commercial and residential projects, taking the forward-looking, innovative character of modern, minimal Japanese architecture as inspiration.

Our buildings both win awards and make clients money.

That used to be sufficient, but now we can go one better, feeding vastly better information to those making such investments in modern-age buildings straight from the minds of those who will commission and use their spaces.

Given the availability of universal access to internet-connected occupier intelligence, too little of it is finding its way into the briefing of spaces which could work better for those who live and work in them.

Yet, by fixing this problem, we can transform better knowledge of user needs into demonstrable product improvements to help our clients win and keep new customers.

We have an eye to making this work in the configuration and design of future high-density inner-city residential living, based on enhancing that which has gone before, and adapting Japanese innovations to local, Australian conditions.

We now have a template designed and under construction to demonstrate this in the KDV Sport accommodation block on the Queensland Gold Coast.

But, first things first, our architectural credentials.

Prior to founding Shiro, our design principal Hiromi Lauren enjoyed a highly successful 20-year career working for Harry Seidler and Associates, where she was an associate, and one of Harry’s favourites.

Then, her first building completed subsequently in her own right, the KDV Golf and Tennis Academy on Queensland’s Gold Coast, scored her and Shiro “a hole in one” when, in June 2017, it won the 2017 Queensland state award for commercial architecture.
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