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We are neither ivory-tower elitists nor superficial stylists. We believe in both ideas and profitability. While we are well-versed in the ongoing development of architectural theories, our expertise and ambition extends beyond the discussion and design of buildings. We look at an entire project and consider the site, the cultural and economic environment, a client's physical needs and budget constraints, as well as construction techniques, branding, marketing, and post-occupancy issues. We use evolving computer-aided design technologies not only to produce innovative architectural forms but to streamline the design and construction process and create new efficiencies and cost-savings. Great architecture demands that design, finance, and technology work together - we're combining these forces in innovative ways to create a new model for the profession. Seventeen years ago we set out to prove that intelligent, exciting, evocative architecture can be made in the real world, with real world constraints. We believe our work presents a convincing argument that we were right. Located in Lower Manhattan, SHoP was founded in 1996 by five principals: Christopher Sharples, Coren Sharples, William Sharples, Kimberly Holden, and Gregg Pasquarelli. The practice has grown over the past seventeen years to an office of over one hundred and seventy. In 2007 we formed a sister firm, SC | SHoP Construction , managed by our sixth Principal, Jonathan Mallie; and in 2012, we welcomed our seventh Principal, Vishaan Chakrabarti. Our range of services includes Architecture, Interior Design and Planning. We work closely with SC, which extends our knowledge base and capacity for construction management, BIM/VDC and building envelope consulting.
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