Manufacturers from Nám. Míru 55, Nový Bor, Czech Republic
Lasvit is a dynamic international company based in Prague, the Czech Republic, which designs, develops and creates original design objects made of glass, crystal, and other precious materials. Lasvit builds on the basis of famous Czech artistic craft traditions, foremost glassmaking, with a history of more than one thousand years. The high standard of Lasvit is based on the amalgam of experience and skilfulness of many generations of Czech glassmakers, technology and procedures proved by history, craft perfection and traditional handicraft, and the creativity of contemporary designers, educated and trained at the best schools of art in this country and abroad. The results of this combination are original artefacts that express the feelings and ideas of our times, but also feature the timeless values typical for classical works of art.

“Lasvit” evokes a blend of two Czech words – love and light (láska and svit). Apart from the personal relations to the company founder’s names it thus pronounces the positive emotional approach of the company as well as the optical quality, which is typical of the luxury materials the company mainly deals with.

Lasvit’s field of action extends from the noted European metropolises of design, such as London, Paris and Munich, via Prague, to Moscow, Bejing and Dubai. All of them are places where one can meet artefacts and special custom-made realizations from company’s production, featured in private or public collections, interior accessories of private palaces and residences or in theatres, exquisite company facilities, luxury hotels and casinos.

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