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Sigma L2 Paolo Granchi srl

Sigma L2 Paolo Granchi srl

WHAT ABOUT US ?? A “PASSION” ABOVE ALL . . . AND THE LONGING TO FIND WHAT DOES NOT EXIST!!! PAOLO GRANCHI AND HIS WIFE GIANNA Our Company was established by Paolo and his wife during the 60s, a ceramics production plant where every process is still carried out manually today. The skilful hands of an artist belonging to our family have taught us many things about culture, tradition and manual work, which we have kept alive in everything we design and produce: 100% handmade. YESTERDAY AND TODAY The passing of time and technological progress made us keener and keener to discover new materials and designs, and to explore new manufacturing solutions, expanding our production processes which currently use multiple materials: crystal, brass, metal, wood, stone, resin, leather, fabric, and so on . . . TOMORROW Our work? A great passion and a heart that beats fast and never stops!! This passion drives our every action and keep us curios about life. What will happen tomorrow?? What we have done is now in the past, and there is still so much to discover!! We wish to THANK everyone and everything around us . . .
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