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Sonogamma, one wavelength ahead.

Sonogamma offers a wide range of contemporary, innovative acoustic solutions. Premium sound absorbing and diffusing products are applied for small and large projects all over the world.

The main goal of Sonogamma is to optimise the acoustic comfort in a room, with the client specific needs in mind. Along with a constantly growing standardisation and legislation imposing a modern acoustic comfort in buildings, the need for materials integrating both the acoustic and esthetical aspects increases. Classical solutions based upon foams and mineral wools all show serious shortcomings in contemporary architecture. Sonogamma set off searching for alternative materials. The result is a range of unobtrusive and efficient solutions such as fibreless materials for both indoor and outdoor use, recycled materials based on aluminium and glass, seamless plasters, microperforated panels in wood and translucent composites, resonators, diffusors and active systems.

All of our products have been developed and tested in accordance with the most recent international standards. Famous and innovative architectural firms have used our materials in renowned projects.

Sonogamma panels and systems are your guarantee to make your acoustics work. Our experienced team of experts in acoustics is ready to work out an optimal solution tailored to the needs. They will go at lengths to provide the best acoustic and esthetical result.
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