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About Stone and Sawyer

We design and hand-produce stoneware table lamps that celebrate 20th century design. We place the utmost importance on quality and craftsmanship and are committed to working exclusively with American companies and craftspeople. Each stoneware lamp body is handmade in our studio in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Our Process

We produce each stoneware lamp body ourselves with tireless attention to detail. Every lamp body is hand finished, glazed and undergoes multiple firings. We offer a selection of glazes, hand-turned wood necks and bases, fine quality brass hardware, hand-made natural linen lampshades, and cloth covered cords. Every lamp is UL Listed. We produce our lamp components ourselves and have extensive custom capability including additional custom glazes, wood finishes, metal finishes and lamp shades. We produce custom designs for hospitality.

Made in America

As a bespoke lighting company that handcrafts limited-edition lamps and wares, we only work with locally-sourced materials. We believe that American Made products are necessary to build a strong domestic economy. Many of the skill sets used in domestic manufacturing have been lost over the last few decades, as production has moved overseas. By producing in this country we keep essential skills alive, both within and outside of the creative arena. To us, American Made goods symbolize the creation of jobs for friends and neighbors both close or far.


Designers and artists Julian Peploe and David Ryan are the combined vision behind Stone and Sawyer. They created Stone and Sawyer to satisfy their search for the perfect handmade lamp. Inspired by mid-century design and designers like Otto and Gerturd Natzler and Gunnar Nylund, Julian and David produced their first collection with a focus on integrity and craftsmanship, a philosophy that has shaped the company ever since. As their collection expands so does their design vocabulary with forms referencing both earlier and later era’s of 20th century design.

When it came to naming the company, we wanted a name that evoked material. “Stone” refers to material - the stoneware ceramic of our lamp bodies, while “Sawyer” represents process - the sawing of wood used for our wood necks and bases.

Stone and Sawyer lamps can be found in the Smyth hotel in Tribeca and have been featured in the New York Times, Wallpaper, Design Sponge, Martha Stewart Living, Architectural Digest and Domino. Stone and Sawyer was a 2015 Martha Stewart American Made Design Finalist.
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