Stoopen & Meeûs
Stoopen & Meeûs

Stoopen & Meeûs

Manufacturers from Van Praetstraat 22, Hoboken, Belgium
Stoopen & Meeûs is a Belgian, family-owned company that was established in 1894.
We are specialized in color pigments and dyes. We also produce a range of high-end mineral paints for indoor and outdoor use : Stuc, badgeon and limepaint.

On one hand, we are a producer that aims for a close and meticulous cooperation with our customers in order to fully comply to our clients’ needs.
And on the other hand we are traders. Our long-lasting experience with different traders is a guarantee that we deliver.
The last two sentences form the foundation of our company spirit. It is by fully focusing on our client’s needs, that we want to diversify ourselves from our competitors.

Our range of pigments consists of:

- Natural and Synthetic Iron Oxides
- Our own exclusive blends in Blue, Green and Gray
- Organic and Inorganic pigments

Our range of mineral paints consists of:

- Stuc: a waterproof and extremely tough colored decorative plaster for use on walls and floors indoors
- Badgeon: a weather-resistant, authentic façade finish
- Limepaint: a matte chalk decorative paint

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