Studio 163

Studio 163

Architects from London, UK
Studio 163 is a emerging London-based architecture, design and research RIBA Chartered Practice particularly interested in the fields of housing, urban design, community projects and illustration, committed to producing meaningful places with a strong community focus.

Prior to founding Studio 163, we developed experience through established practices in France, Italy, Spain and the UK delivering a wide range of schemes from new-build housing to international schools, offices, hospitality spaces, cultural buildings etc. and are using this expertise to foster a diversity of projects within our own studio.

We enjoy the challenges of awkward, previously unconsidered sites and see ourselves as straddling the line between planning, development and design.

We are always open to engage with initial ideas from individuals or groups of people as we believe setting the right brief is fundamental to a successful outcome.

We do not restrict ourselves by requiring a minimum construction budget for a project.

The attitude of the office is to allow room for appropriation and customisation of spaces by the people who use them. The idea being to install a starting point from which adaptation can take place so it adjusts to changing requirements and uses.
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