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Mario Sua Kay graduated from the University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom in 1979 with a BA Hons and a Masters in Architecture. He is  a full member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Order of Portuguese Architects in Portugal. He began his professional career working in London on inner city rehabilitation projects. In 1981 he moved to Lisbon and in 1984 founded Sua Kay Architects. For three decades he has guided the design work of the practice in an extensive portfolio of award winning projects: head offices for banks, office parks, shopping malls, housing, hi-tech industrial complexes, sports stadia, Olympic pool complexes, sports halls and health clubs in Portugal, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. His education and work experience in the United Kingdom and his contact with some of the best of the best in architecture, engineering and planning in the United Kingdom and Europe has been a guiding force behind the pragmatism, simplicity and the built quality that sets his designs apart. Sua Kay designed projects have won national and international prizes in Portugal and abroad. From 2000 to 2006 he was a visiting professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico, one of the most prestigious technical universities in Portugal, imparting his wide technical and design experience to students whose projects went on to win various awards. He believes that sustainability is not only about energy efficiency, but also about built quality for the long term. He derives great pleasure from revisiting buildings completed over twenty years ago and finding them in the same condition as they were when first handed over to the client. Sua Kay Architects has taken this way of doing things to Eastern Europe - Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic; to Lithuania, Serbia, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, China, Algeria and Morocco. The determination and belief that has made this possible is also driven by clients who have entrusted Sua Kay’s practice with their projects and given it the responsibility to deliver them on time, within budget, and with an architecture that makes the difference. We just do it – No fuss, no hassle.

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