synn architekten
synn architekten

synn architekten

Architects from apollogasse 9/2, Wien, Austria
synn architekten
bettina krauk (*1971), michael neumann (*1973)
diplomas at vienna university of technology
working experiences at different offices,
foundation of synn architekten in november 2001
lecturers at the vienna university of technology for the institute of housing construction and design

design intent, philosophy
topics such as the reception of space through movement and the integration of landscape serve as models for conceptual ideas - and need for continuous learning in the projects. the development of "integrated architecture" is the goal of our work - which means for us interdisciplinary thinking in several scales and the continuation of the mutual influence of landscape (city) and buildings up to the furniture.
another aspect of our work is the process of developing architecture as a team, together with project partners, experts and the client. this approach is reflected in the name “synn architekten” which is derived from the greek prefix “syn” meaning “with, acting together, united ….”
in different partnerships with colleagues we can respond to complex challenges in a flexible way, supporting each other, especially in larger projects opening up the discussion to generate new perspectives and approaches to architecture.

fields of expertise
urban planning, housing construction and design, building within existing structures

competitions, exhibitions, awards
competition museum krems, 7th place
competition rathausstrasse, 7th place
competition housing project “nordbahnhof”, 1st place, realized
invited competition “Schloss orth”, 1st place, realized
invited competition “BIZ & NPZ ennstal”, 1st place, realized

exhibition “austriarchitektur” at the aedes gallery east in berlin, june 05 – september 05 and in vienna november 05 – december 05

nominee for house elise "das beste Haus 2011"
winner at “gebaut 2009”, award by the department of architecture and urban design for high-quality architectural projects that were completed in 2009 in vienna, project elise
nominee for the Austrian “Brick and Roof Award” 2009/2010, single family housing, project [ko]mic
nominee for “best of Europe:Color” 2005, project “wählbar”

arhitext "fluencies & passages", Bukarest 2012
“integrated architecture” at the städelschule, frankfurt in april 2006
“subtile kämpfer” for aip in may 2005