Takashi Okuno & Associates

Takashi Okuno & Associates

Architects from Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan
From Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

Studied architectural design under Boo-Woong Kim in Tokyo (DESIGN OFFICE opposition).
Back in Ehime, undertook the design of residential homes, a sushi restaurant, a hospital, and a Japanese inn at Atelier A&A.
Touched by the beauty of Sukiya style architecture (a type of tea house that embraces the beauty of rustic simplicity), began learning the art of tea ceremony.

Established Takashi Okuno & Associates in February 2012.
Focuses activities in Shikoku, known as Japan’s Buddhist holy land, and specializes in wooden architecture with a calm atmosphere called Gendai Wafū (Modern Japanese-style Architecture).

Aside from professional work, continues to travel the world sketching measured drawings of guestrooms.
Our Projects
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Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan

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