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Architects from Lyon, France

A new generation of more ecological, more responsible leisure equipment
Attitudes are moving in the direction of greater ethical and ecological awareness. Leisure facilities for ecotourism, closely related to their locations.

Eco-districts and sustainable habitats
The green revolution that is taking place in this area means that our specialist multidisciplinary teams have begun to rethink the cities and habitats of tomorrow.

Fourth-age residences, and specialised care facilities
End-of-life accommodation must above all be a question of homes. For us, this means expanding physical wellbeing to include psychological wellbeing, and the promotion of sociability in a medicalised universe.

Responsible schools
Education is shaping tomorrow’s society. And architecture can participate actively in this process. Our projects go hand in hand with teaching programmes that are evolutive, open to the outside world, optimistic and generous.

Business locations
Work spaces are no longer simply functional units. They embody corporate culture and collective synergies.

Cultural spaces
Creativity is polymorphous and perpetually in motion. We provide open platforms for multiple uses.


Placing ecology in the front rank of conceptual instruments
Our approach comprises a militant perspective in which architecture is closely connected to environmental strategies. With its long-standing experience in this field, the agency’s expertise and achievements are recognised across the full range of concrete applications.

“Passivising” construction
“Passive” buildings give better energy performances, thus minimising the impact of technical structures and systems.

Optimising the resources and constructive ethos of sites and locations
We are responsible for the carbon footprint of the buildings we construct. We strive for an open, ethical, civically responsible approach that is conscious of its impact on the environment, both locally and globally.

Ensuring the adaptability and evolutivity of buildings
If architecture is to improve the coherence of life cycles, it must adapt with intelligence to changing utilisations. We provide strategies for reversibility and evolutivity.

Setting up a collaborative framework
Our multiplex, diversified methods make considerable use of prefabrication techniques.Each material is used in the most intelligent way possible – which implies, among other things, a simplification of interfaces.

A certain type of architectural realism
We make a direct link between modes of construction and forms of architecturalexpression, with the kind of realism that emphasises intelligent constructive methods.


An experienced, creative team
With 20 years of professional experience, Tectoniques is collective in structure, comprising two generations of architects and engineers. The arrival of new young associates in 2007 and 2011 brought about a movement of renewal, in an ongoing synergy of experience and dynamism.

A horizontal structure
Tectoniques currently has some 20 members who form a horizontal, collective structure in which individual personalities remain discreet. The organisational structure is centred on creative processes that are collegial and interactive.

Progressively-integrated engineering
Tectoniques is progressively acquiring new skills.
In 2009, it obtained OBQBI certification in surveying and supervision.
In 2011, it was certified to carry out climatic and environmental studies, with the objective of autonomy and quality control.

A new working environment
After a number of years on the slopes of Lyon’s Croix-Rousse hill, the agency recently moved into new premises in the Part-Dieu business district.

International development
From a strong base in France, Tectoniques is now expanding into other countries, notably in the fields of tourism and leisure activities