Architects from Stockholm, Sweden
Tengbom is one of Scandinavia’s foremost architectural practices. We create timeless, human-centric, innovative architecture for the generations to come. In 2016, we were ranked as the fourth most innovative practice in the world by Fast Company.

We are a large company with the curiosity and personality of a small, agile firm; working to make the world a better place to live, work and thrive. We have 570 co-workers in Sweden and Finland and equally as many thoughts as to what architecture should be. This is our greatest strength – as we know that to widen the perspectives of architecture and its many facets, it’s vital to embrace diversity of thought and discussion. By exchanging ideas, we create the sustainable society of the future by a means of altering and evolving the established norms. “What does ‘architecture’ mean to you?” is as perhaps more important than “What architecture means to us”.

Change in the built environment takes place through exceptional architectural, and it is important to us that the living environment we design is allowed to evoke emotions and debate. We look to contribute to this through our series of talks #TengbomTalks – a platform for public, local and international offices to examine the issues that we discuss across our offices. Good architecture is basically a sustainable, functional entity; elements that organically permeate everything we do.

We create the conditions that help us and others succeed in realising our visions, working harmoniously and collaboratively with you. To work in close proximity with our clients and create knowledge together is important to us and this applies across the board, from local authorities to the individual. We have several research projects under way where we work with action research – in which we place ourselves as the link between academic institutions and the business sector. Research and innovation helps us grow as a company and as people. We are convinced that we get the best results when all parties come together as one entity – architecture is after all an international language.

We always look forward to the future, something that our founder Ivar Tengbom wanted us to do even in his day. He said: “Instead of reminiscing of past times, a modern architect should adopt a wider stance – investigating the needs of society now and in the future.” We have existed for 110 years and are one of the oldest architectural firms in the world. Our history makes us very proud. At the same time, we are open to change, fearless of the future and we welcome initiatives, innovation and individuality. We consider this crucial in our continuous reinvention of ourselves and the progression of our craft.

Johanna Frelin
Around 20 co-workers as well as the investment company Sobro
530 MSEK (2015)
Approximately 600 employees
Head office
Stockholm, Sweden
Gothenburg, Uppsala, Öresund, Jönköping, Linköping, Kalmar, Karlstad, Borås and Helsinki (FI)

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