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The brand’s name has been carefully chosen to reflect the essence of the Mediterranean character of its place of birth, Valencia. Teulat, refers to a house’s roof, which symbolises the cosiness and comfort each of us wants to bring to our homes.

Teulat stands out with the quality of the materials used and the design of its furniture and aims to make a name for itself amongst the major brands in the sector by expanding its market.

Therefore, each piece of furniture is thoroughly thought by the creative team for a unique design. Eager to explore new ways to confront ideas in the world of contemporary design, Teulat is open to collaborate with different designers who will add a plus value to the brand.

With a definite modern and contemporary style, Teulat´s purpose is to get us closer to the concept of Design, and to be within everyone’s reach. With its simple geometrical lines, every single piece of furniture will adapt to any interior.
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