Tianhua Architecture Design Ltd.

Tianhua Architecture Design Ltd.

Architects from Shanghai, China
Since we have been practicing in residential projects for many years, Tianhua has become one of the leading practices in housing design. We have gradually realized that the more we are devoted to our work, the narrower our scope has become. Our understanding of life and living tend to be superficial and stereotyped, when we only pay attention to the social majority. But society itself is vigorous, vibrantand chaotic enough. People from different social groups have various lifestyles, especially those relegated to the fringe of society. Although they come in large number, the marginalized groups never have enough attention from the society. They suffer from the lack of public resource and live a low quality of life. But in terms of the pursuit of happiness, there is no difference between them and us. It is when we learn to care for the minoritythat we work towards a better understanding of ourselves.

As our young architects step out of their comfort zone, they go beyond the boundary set by stereotypes, either visible or invisible. It is a whole new experience for them when they are confronted with the real world, where life is tough but true.

We have gained so much from the city and have paid back with a high price. It is time to take a step back and have a reflecting moment.

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