Tidy Architectos
Tidy Architectos

Tidy Architectos

Architects from n/a, Chile

The office, directed by the brothers Albert and Ian Tidy, defines its work as an exploration of architecture and design understood as a plastic phenomenon. Its reductionist search intends arriving to the origin of diagram in order to translate it into an object and constructed work in an essential and direct way. This process is approached within the wide range of the scale, covering from the design of objects and furniture to habitable and territorial space.

The construction materials defining the anatomy of the work represent special interest in their deliberate hidden encounters and the careful joining of the parts. The importance of each project´s own and exclusive artisan manufacture lies in the paradox that it becomes invisible in the end. Thus, there is no particular interest in developing a common vocabulary as an expression of the author, but genetically to link the work collection produced through a gestation process. This work is understood as “global” in the linked contemporary sense and at the same time as “local” in terms of the technological, constructive, and budgetary context as well as that of opportunities. Divested of theoretical, political and ideological discourse, the quest for abstraction is an intuitive need to remove from architecture and design all that which is not indispensable.

The architecture of Tidy Arquitectos can be summarised as the permanent search for conceptual, formal and plastic synthesis.
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