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Tinker Imagineers

Tinker Imagineers

Architects from hamburgerstraat 23, Utrecht, Netherlands
Experience design originated from the entertainment industry, focusing on primitive sensations and one dimensional storytelling. But there is so much more to it. Expanding the spectrum to all levels of human awareness results in experiences that are spectacular, interesting and meaningful at the same time.

Our clients have big ideas in mind, aimed at making the world a healthier, prettier or more sensible place to live in. We bet yours are too! Our expanded approach to experience design is the perfect way to bring your moonshots to life. Addressing body, mind, heart and soul.

For decades, communication professionals based their efforts on flatland notions about the way the human mind functions. Trying to seduce them by using sensual shapes, to persuade them by force of arguments or simply to overwhelm them with as many stimuli as possible.
These techniques turned out to be inadequate. Most experience design is meant to be intens, yet at the same time quite superficial. Classic story-telling techniques, on the other hand, address the intellect, yet in this day and age are unable to draw and hold attention for long.
Contemporary experience design combines the best of both worlds. On the one hand, we start from the assumption that the public is made up of complex, multi-dimensional people, who have the same dreams, fears and longing as we do. This starting point may seem obvious, yet it is seldom applied in communication projects.

On the other hand, we are convinced that everyone is soulful and that people are looking for inspirational experiences. By addressing people at their individual level of aspiration, we help them to catch glimpses of twhat the world might look like.

Contemporary experience design is dedicated to connecting people at this level. This is extremely useful to spread the ideas of our times, that is to say, the solutions that will make the world a healthier, more beautiful or more sensible place. For the motivation to become aware of these solutions, to ponder on them and to enjoy them, is present in all of us. The challenge is to give it a jolt.

At Tinker, we are specialised in this new type of experience design. Our criterion for success is whether the experience has resulted in a lasting change in the target audience, whether it is a changed attitude towards a topic, a new interest in a story or an open mind to meeting someone new. Whenever that happens, regardless of the scale, it's a celebration.