Architects from Minhang District, Shanghai, China
Towodesign is an open team which gathers a group of pioneering designers who are pragmatic and innovative. They are committed to creating impressive space experiences through in-depth study of life, and looking for bright spots that are not easily found in people's cultural habits. Through art, vision, furniture and space, we create comprehensive and personalized interfaces for brands.

TOWO focuses on the reconstruction of urban commercial space in the Internet era, and strive to customize brand strategy from different aspects, such as functional composition, cultural combination and terminal integration. For start-up companies, our team creates unique images that are not only in accordance with their characteristics, but are different from their competitors; and for long-established companies, we explore their new transmission values and embed those information into the overall design which takes space as the core. Finally, we realize projects through comprehensive control of details like cost control, engineering implementation, soft outfit configuration, art installation, etc.

He Mu
He Mu is the Co-Founder and Art Director of Towodesign. He was graduated from China Academy of Art and studied in NABA-Nouva accademia di belle Arti Milano in Italy. With many years of experience in comprehensive design fields, he has distinctive interpretations and expressions of brands and spaces. He is good at integrating designs among parametric digital design, art installation and commercial brand communication.

He is a senior space designer, exhibition planner and designer, and furniture designer. His representative works are bookchair, sunflower chair, kalecafe, sugarchoo dessert shop, DDS exhibition planning and design, and towodesign studio.

Zhang Qian
Zhang Qian is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Towodesign. She was graduated from China Academy of Art. She has been engaged in different design works for many years, such as brand creativity and planning, exhibition design, interior design, soft decoration and graphic designs. She is good at the overall packaging and promotion of brand.

She has participated in bookchair design, sunflower chair design, designs of kalecafe stores, DDS exhibition planning and graphic design, Urban Life Pavilion design and Urban Best Practice Area Hangzhou Pavilion design at Shanghai World Expo 2010.