TREF-A / Ing. Arch. Zdeněk TREFIL
TREF-A / Ing. Arch. Zdeněk TREFIL

TREF-A / Ing. Arch. Zdeněk TREFIL

Architects from Pod Oborou 860, Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic
He studied secondary technical and architectural school in Valašské Meziříčí by Ing. arch.

Petr Žert, The Faculty of Architecture VUT in Brno by Doc. Ing. arch. Dagmar Glosová and ETH Zurich by Prof. Mario Campi, member of Czech Chamber of Architects, member of Czech and Slovak association of architects – BLOK.

After his graduation at VUT Brno he worked in the office of Doc. Ing. arch. Jiří Oplatek in Basle, Switzerland. Together with the collective he won the 3rd price in the contest for the pavilion ČR Sevilla; the 5th price in the contest for arrangement of the city of Brig in Switzerland and the 2nd price in the contest for the Salesian oratory in Brno. He worked at The Faculty of Architecture in Brno as well as in the department of architecture STU in Bratislava.

Project of Hyundai motor saloon in Náchod and three apartment blocks in Basle and Luzernerring (studio of Doc. Ing. arch. J. Oplatek) belong among many of his realized projects. After his comeback from Switzerland in 1997 he worked for 2 years as an assistant at FA VUT Brno. Since 1998 he owns his own architectural studio in Valašské Meziříčí.

Among his own independent projects belong the realizations as: apartment block The midway house (Grand Prix of Community of architects 2005; Architecture V4), villa NN by Valašské Meziříčí (famous villas of Zlín region), apartment block Jablúnka (Šumné Valašsko), holocaust memorial in VM, the Snoza restaurant in VM, Central bar VM, Walaichan shepherd’s hut in VM, café Marco Polo in VM, villa Gadas VM, reconstruction of functionalist villa of arch. Místecký in Poličná, the residence for seniors in VM, villa in Beskydy and many others.

Within the frame of individual approach to any single job is the studio focused on ambitious clients with the highest requirements for architecture and design quality.
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