TTM Rossi
TTM Rossi

TTM Rossi

Manufacturers from Via Dell' Artigianato 16, VILLA GUARDIA (CO), Italy
Since 1959 T.T.M. Rossi is able to satisfy his customer with a wide range of quality wire mesh used in different field: construction, industry and architecture.
Entrepreneurial ability, the established experience of its founder teamed with the support of a dynamic and highly competent staff and the ability to direct and control all stages of production, through the use of the latest generation machinery and equipment, have led T.T.M. Rossi to be recognized as a leading supplier and reference for anyone who uses standard and custom nets and wire mesh.
Particularly strong growth over the past 30 years has allowed T.T.M. Rossi to evolve into a company capable of producing a wide range of products for use in multiple applications thereby satisfying the diverse needs of customers through innovative products that are tailored to their specific field of use.
Always sensitive to the company’s environmental impact and eco sustainability, T.T.M. Rossi uses energy produced from renewable sources through the installation of a photovoltaic system, and making it totally independent of outside energy suppliers.


Family-owned and operated for more than 50 years
3.200 national and international clients
200 Selected suppliers
4.000.000 m of annual production
1.000.000 kg of raw material used in a year
600.000 m of products in stock
350.000 kg of raw material in stock
60% export turnover

2 headquarters for a total of 7.500 sqm:
4.700 sqm of production area
2.500 sqm of warehouse
200 sqm of offices
100 sqm of showroom

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