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Unica by Cantoni

Unica by Cantoni

Cantoni is a production company based in San Marino with twenty years of experience. Its range of illuminated mirrors and panels, one of the largest ranges in Europe, conveys the full expressive power of contemporary luxury that is typical of the Italian lifestyle. The Unica range is composed of stylistically impeccable objects, that stand out for the attention to detail and the well-known Italian production quality: the 6 collections of Unica products can play a stylish key role in the furnishing of every room. A collection of products of authentic design: mirrors and backlit panels astonishing to look at as much as functional and intuitive to use. Cantoni boosts the study of aesthetic and formal aspects of the products, with the constant technological research. This is how I-light, the patented lighting system that the brand Cantoni installs in every lighted mirror, was born. Thanks to its dynamism and design flexibility, in addition to the wide range of backlit mirrors and panels contained in the catalogue, Cantoni is also able to develop customised products, working proactively with architectural and interior design studios involved in contract designs. The Cantoni’s mission, indeed, is to support the interior designers creating amazing and highly functional rooms for Luxury hotels, spa and private houses. We give them lighted mirrors and panels that, revolutionising the usual scheme of the bathroom design, loses the role of furnishing complements and become real structural elements, in a space where the main actor is the light.
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