Urbanism Planning Architecture
Urbanism Planning Architecture

Urbanism Planning Architecture

Architects from Abu Dhabi - Milano
UPA, Urbanism Planning Architecture, is an established international architectural firm based in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Milano (Italy) with an office branch in Baghdad (Iraq).

UPA offers a wide range of services: architecture, interior design, master planning, engineering, due diligence, management and site construction management. UPA has recently received commissions of design and development of various projects in Italy, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan and Russia.
In the short time since its foundation, UPA has won and carried on important and prestigious projects. Thanks to the support of a team of professionals and consultants (50 architects and designers as well as 30 engineers), UPA is able to develop and carry out complex and articulated architecture projects.
UPA in recent years has consolidated its expertise in the following areas: healthcare, education, sports & leisure, wellness and SPA, auditoriums, restaurants, hospitality, residential and mixed-use developments.


Aswan Ibrahim Zubaidi - Architect
CEO of UPA, Director of UPA Abu Dhabi and Baghdad

Sahar A. Yousif – Interior Designer
Director of Interior Design Dep. and Partner of UPA

Paolo Lettieri – Architect
Principal Architect and Managing Partner of UPA Italia