Vector Mais

Vector Mais

Architects from Miraflores, Linda-a-Velha, Portugal
Founded in the year 2000, Vector Mais develops interior design and build projects, presenting global solutions for offices, hotels, retail and healthcare spaces.

It is a recognized reference both in the Portuguese market and in Angola, where stands out increasingly as a brand that reconciles experience, quality and creativity.

In 2017, Vector Mais completed its implementation process of ISO 9001:2015 certification, thus enhancing its commitment to customer, continuous improvement and company performance.

Quality policy
- Commitment of the Management in the awareness, involvement and motivation for a culture of Quality throughout the organization;
- Compliance with legal requirements, identification of needs and meeting the expectations of all stakeholders;
- Optimization and continuous improvement of processes, for an efficient and effective management;
- Provide employees with all the necessary means to carry out their work;
- Defining and achieving measurable objectives;
- Commitment in the diffusion of the continuous improvement from the review meetings by the Management and disclosure of the annual results to the collaborators;
- Define communication as a key point of the QMS.

Vision and Values
We develop on a daily basis, and as the foundation for our service, a constant search for the innovation of our products and services, maintaining the standard of continuous improvement and satisfaction of all interested parties.

Our values:
- Commitment and Integrity
- Clients Satisfaction
- Security and Quality
- Appreciation and Sharing
- Rigor and Availability