Architects from New York, NY, United States
Founded in1997, Frederick Biehle Erika Hinrich viaARCHITECTURE is an interdisciplinary partnership dedicated to exploring and realizing their particular approach to making.

Altering the fabric of enclosure by opening- window, door, threshold, aperture can transform the role of a particular space. Multiplicity of openings introduces choice, and with choice of movement comes individual empowerment. Choice engages the inhabitant and therefor contributes to the construction of meaning. We are all the sum total of our choices.

Engaging both the tactile and visual senses, how one material is joined together with another is where form takes on character. Thoughtfulness is expressed in the delineation of material relationships. It is in the craft of making that a distinction is made between inhabiting and dwelling.

“Interior space constitutes the basis of architectural experience” said Le Corbusier in his seminal publication Vers Une Architecture. He was referring not to the design of that which is indoors but to all architecture, from the scale of the room to the urban condition, where a sense of enclosure offers the spatial possibility of “being within”. A conscious awareness of the space of figuration is the foundational motive for our work.
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